Since more than 28 years we support Non-Governement-Organisations worldwide, some of them are listed here:

1. Nepal Prisoners Associations (social work with women & children in Nepalese prisons -
2. Nepal Womens Network (educational programms for Integration - )
3. Tibet Support Group NL -
4. Pauenhof e.V. Germany (cultural & charitable trust) -
5. Students for a Free Tibet, USA (activists) -
6. Tibet Initiative, Germany -

and others.

All NGO's are officially registered social- or charity organisations and under govenrment supervision.

Our products are produced with environmental care:

1. All paper products are produced in Germany.
2. We fulfill the environmental requirements for paper and inks.
3. We avoid long ways of transportation.
4. Our products are not produced in China.
5. We cooperate with organisations of International Fairtrade standards.


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