Delivery and shipping costs

The current shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart.
Delivery will be made as soon as possible, usually within three to four working days.
In the case of parcels, we receive a tracking code so that you can determine the current location of your order.

Please remember that we do not notice if - which happens quite often - the shipment disappears. We also cannot tell you where your order is. In case of delivery problems, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can dispatch your order again!

Only for dealers
shipping costs

up to 5 kg 4,50 Euro
up to 10 kg 5,00 Euro
 up to 20 kg 6,00 Euro
up to  40 kg 14,00 Euro
up to 100 kg 25,00 Euro





For orders over 350,00 € net invoice there are no shipping costs.

Minimum order value
The minimum order value is 50,00 EUR. For partial deliveries the shipping costs are to be paid once.

Versandkosten Inland

bis 5 kg 4,50 Euro
 bis 10 kg 5,00 Euro
 bis 20 kg 6,00 Euro
bis 40 kg 14,00 Euro
bis 100 kg 25,00 Euro





Packing units
Postcard books: 5 pcs./motif
Postcards: 10 pcs./motif
CD cover: 10 pcs./motif
Sticker cards: 5 pcs./motif
Double cards/notecards: 5 pcs./motif

Information on the delivery period is non-binding unless the delivery date has exceptionally been confirmed as binding.
Delivery is usually made within three to four working days.


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